Using Kid Blog to Publish Student Writing


Kid Blog is probably my favorite technology addition to my classroom so far this year.  For the past two years, we have been publishing our writing on Google Docs, printing it out, and putting it up on our writing wall outside our classroom.  This year, we’ll continue to do this work on Google Docs and post our writing outside the classroom, but we’ll also be going digital on our class writing blog.

Last week, we used the blog for the first time.  It was extremely easy for students to login by first names  or pseudonyms (no need for email on this site, just a password!).  They learned how to create a post,  wrote a reflective sentence or two at the start of their post to share what they learned as writers, and copied over their poem from Google Docs.  It was simple and fast. Voila! Now my students have their writing published online!

We used Kid Blog as part of our writing celebration.  We shared our writing in author’s chair, read and commented on poems posted on our Kid Blog, and did a Martinelli’s toast to celebrate the work of our unit.  In the past, I printed out compliment sheets and kids walk around the room to read pieces and write compliments.  This time, we got Chromebooks from our school’s Chromebook cart, logged in to Kid Blog, and commented away on the poems online.  No wasted paper and kids could dialogue with the people who commented on their poems.  They loved discussing their writing with their friends and fans.  Kid Blog raised the level of engagement around publishing and sharing writing.

Kid Blog also gave my students a wider audience.  I sent the link to families the night before our celebration so they could comment and celebrate with us.  The next day, students were greeted with comments not just from their family, but other students’ families as well.  I also forwarded the link to friends and shared it with authors such as Sharon Creech and Seymour Simon.  Kids loved hearing that their favorite authors might be reading their work too.  We were surprised to see that our blog had over 1,000 views after just one day!

I can’t wait to see how each class’ blog develops this year!